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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


I hope so. It's amazing how what we give to others send ripples over generations. Steve wrote me a 6 page letter when I was 12 years old full of brilliant advice. I find myself passing much of that same information on to others to this day. Steve has been a tremendous influence over the years and to receive the few emails that I've received recently has been mind blowing to me. I sometimes feel like that same 12 year old kid all over again. There are no words, really. Thanks for your kind note!


Thanks for that feedback and it was great to meet you in Salem. I'm glad you went home and played! That's the whole point when it comes right down to it. I wish you luck with your studies and playing. Work hard and remember to have fun while doing it!


Thanks for ordering the DVD and I hope it adds to your holiday festivities. It was always available direct from us at ships world wide. But glad you found it and I look forward to your feedback. Thanks.

I think Gavin is a brilliant player. He has his own unique voice and an elegance about his playing that puts a smile on my face. We became fast friends when we did the Montreal Drum Fest together in '06. He's been a good friend and we had more fun together at the Modern Drummer Festival and when he was just here in Austin for PASIC. I have all the PT albums and check out the record he did with 05Ric. He sounds incredible.

Thanks for your note.


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