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Default Re: Can everyone please explain the meanings of your avatar?

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A pro photographer took this pic of me at a benefit for disabled Veterans. The members of this band that I play with are all Vets and we raise cash to help our brothers and sisters at almost every gig. When I first saw the photo I silently looked at it for about five minuites. A tear came to my eye. I can't explain it but I saw something special in its composition. When I look at this pic I can hear the "Thousand Words" that a picture speaks. A thousand words that I would say if I knew what those words were. This pic says those words for me.
Speaking as a veteran, who is currently deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom, thanks on thier bahalf!

I can say that current veterans enjoy support never afforded to Korean war and Vietnam vets. The Korean war vets were almost forgotten. The Vietnam vets were treated with unbelievable inhumanity and often misdirected contempt. It must have been like being punished twice (three times for draftees) for nothing.

Vietnam was a time in hell for good soldiers and gutless politicians calling the shots from 10,000 miles away in a boardroom.

Please take time to thank these patriots who returned with honor!

Hate the the warrior.
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