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Default Re: band gear stolen

Yeah, so far a few amps and guitar gear showed up at my Guitar Center.
Luckily with proof of purchase (Thank god we have our recipts) and a police report, we got them back. My cymbal collection ended up, believe it or not, ended up in their casem unharmed at a local music pawn shop.

Not much else have been found. No word on the truck, trailer, or the rest of our gear.

Oh, and the all the gear that I have (exept for the cymbals and pedals) were all being offered together on ebay and I decided it was a killer deal and went for it. Can't beat all Tama hardware and a 9 piece Pearl MRX for $2500.

I still have my Tama kit and everything. It's not my gigging kit because this one is used and has a bit of wear and tear to it so Im not afriad to gig it.

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