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Default Re: We should design a T shirt for DrummerWorld .Com

Please, no generic drum slogans, like "got drums?" or "I'd hit that." For example, this shirt is incredibly stupid and offensive to drummers (I may be taking it too seriously):
We gotta have a shirt that's professional-looking, yet still fun, with a witty slogan. I have a few ideas, that I'll mention later. But Berhnard, if you're reading this, keep in mind that if you sell them on Cafepress, one, you get high quality tees, but two, most importantly, if no one buys them (which won't be true), you aren't losing any just aren't making money. Plus, you get a much wider audience, which equals more sales, obviously.
Design-wise, one of my ideas is a stylistic rendering of a fairly medium-sized kit, where each drum and cymbal is shaded in a different color of the rainbow. And then under it,a ribbon of red (or white/black, depending on the color of the shirt itself) appears to wrap around the bottom right of the drums, with a more stylized version of the Drummerworld logo.
Yes, I know it's hard to picture, but I think I might make some prototypes in my graphics software. I used to be insane at making graphics with Paint Shop Pro 9, but I lost interest, and now I use a Mac.
So...what do you think?

EDIT: Something like this, only not with my drum set.
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