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Default Re: band gear stolen

Originally Posted by diosdude View Post
Oh man, i feel awful after reading this. I know exactly how you feel, unfortunately, i had a $5k PA stolen out of my warehouse along with a bunch of electronics and cymbals. It's not the end of the world but now is not the time to sulk, you need to take action if it's not too late. Notify the pawn shops as said and keep an eye on ebay but also comb over every craigslist city within driving range of your current location. Call your auto insurance agent for the remote possibility that you're covered in a rental vehicle. Backtrack your steps, who knew that your u-haul was loaded with band gear?

Hopefully anybody who reads this post can understand now the value of insurance. I know hindsight is 20/20 but please peeps, expect the best but always plan for the worst.

good luck man and if you find the bastards, i hope you run over them with a monster truck or something.
nah monster trucks have too much of a surface area under the tyres, not enough pressure. A .50 on the other hand...
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