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Default Re: the guitar hero effect

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
dude i think that might be overreacting a BIT but yeah i get what you mean. Sadly people don't buy cds anymore they just download off limewire. But as you say i mean it's like doing a kariokie, they didn't just stop having live bands just because of that so whats to say they will because of some peice of crap game?
Not so much, overreacting as over oversimplifying, perhaps. Of course, I haven't nationwide exposure, but I know what I see going on in Los Angeles. And 30 years worth of observation/ 11 years working in record-CD shops....I see what I see. We now have 4 major labels...Warner Music Group...EMI...Sony...Universal Music Group. In 2004, there were 5. In 1998, there were 6. Since the 70's, the number of live music venues has decreased. The number of record shops has decreased. The number of instrument retailers has decreased. The number of major labels has decreased.
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