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i was a big fan of mike once. but then i guess i listed to dream theater just TOO MUCH!
it was obvious to point out mike style after awhile with that hand x2 feet x2 thing.
that was the first thing i practiced when i first got my double pedals. and. it took me like half an hour to play it as speeds as fast as the tracks that has those rolls.
it is clear that mike's playing has become kinda stale and more to the metal side. well duhh. he is the metal head among his band.

but i kinda like those little cute "clown walking over a tight rope" kind of tunes that dream theater likes to play once in awhile. it kinda makes things light and interesting apart from the other songs like "Panic Attack" from the latest album which is kinda a disppointment to me. hmm.. u can call it evolution or watever. personally i feel that. dream theater is losing that X factor it had years ago when it was playin albums like Images and Words.

u can to give mike some credit cuz those hand x2/ feet x2 rolls are pretty decent and clean. though.. many drummers can do it too. haha. well mike is an interesting drummer. but please, i suggest that u move on. i mean. don't just stick to mike. though he has pretty sweet chops and can play as if there are 2 drummers. i recently got the hang of symphony X and i find that the drummer plays much simpler stuff and allows the music to breathe. i think that's very important in music composition rather than dumping tons of demi-semi quaver rolls throughout 5min. i'm not saying that mike does this thing though.
of course. being a seasonal drummer. mike does know when to play this and when not to play that. but i guess.. sometimes he just gets carried away? =)

cheers. no offence to portnoy fans. i was one of u guys too! haha!
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