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Originally Posted by Thunderfm
I am not a fan of Portnoy. I find his drumming to be far too complex with no real interesting syncopations or bell work. His use of the double pedal or double bass drum in his case is boring and equal to that of metal drummers (which I dont like). I think he's too much of a show off. Plus I read an article where he openly admits to not creating any of his own material and just basically taking riffs from all of his "idols" and using them in his own work. Which put me right off him. No doubt about it, he is a good drummer. But I am of the opinion that hes a glorified bashing metalhead.
Well, like it or not, he's a METAL DRUMMER. Dream Theater is a PROG METAL band, so you have said nothing.

Plus, there's a saying that goes "copying one is plagiarism; copying many is research". There's nothing wrong in taking inspiration from others.
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