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Default New Hobby - 180 Gallon Cichlid Tank

Here she is in all her glory.

180 gallons of peaceful, agressive behavior. Very relaxing and exciting.

I have about 20 fish in the tank.

A great hobby for all!!!!

Enjoy the pics.

The pics here simply don't do it justice.

Tank is new and was custom made. About 300 lbs of mexican lava rock. Pics are from the random tank dwellers. Mostly red devils and parrots. In a few you can see the pleco and a green terror.

The baby jag, firemouth, oscar and severum are not in the pics.

The huge black belt was in his cave and I couldn't get him out. An amazing looking fish.

Picture with my wonderful 9 year old daughter was to put into prospective the size and beauty of this tank.

Thinking of adding a baby dovii. When it gets large enough, I would buy him his own home.

Anyway, what are you opinions on my cichlid kingdom!!!????
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