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Default Re: the guitar hero effect

I was talking to my guitarist because i bridge a generation gap (37 years young). When i was a kid in high school, all the guitarists were virtuoso shredders that could do sweeping scales, hammer-ons and pull-offs like i wipe my behind. The kids in my day idolized cats like eddie vanhalen, yngwe malmsteen (i'm 100% sure i just misspellt dat), steve vai, joe satriani. They bought guitars at 14, locked themselves in their bedrooms and came out at 17 being the next carlos santana or whoever. Then grunge came in like '90-'91 and you basically didn't hear a guitar solo in mainstream rock/metal for like 15 years. Then bands like Dillinger escape plan, coheed and cambria, and Dragonforce came on the scene and the guitar mags overreacted by proclaiming the second guitar renaissance or something to that effect. Now i got to thinking, what was the biggest single factor for style to make a huge comeback? It's guitar hero and rockband. It's gotta be. And yes, i love what those games are doing for this current generation of kids, they're excited and hungry and getting into it. Long live rock and roll...
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