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jay norem
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Default Re: band gear stolen

Try to take it as easy as you can. You'll have more drums, everyone does. I know how abused, how raped you feel. The same thing happened to me, my drums and other things taken from my car while I wasn't looking. God, it feels lousier than lousy.
But try to take it easy, it's all there is to do. Something terrible has happened to you, and now it's happened and you know what it feels like.
So try to be as philisophical as you can. You're still alive, you can have a cold one and you can know that the people who did this can in no way feel good about themselves. Whoever would do such a thing are scum, they don't know what they're doing and they don't for one minute consider the effects their actions will have on those they're stealing from.
I'll tell you something, you'll always remember how this feels, always. So now is the time to start trying to put it all in perspective, as hard as that is. Nothing is over, you know. Shit does happen.
For what it's worth, I feel for you man.
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