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Default band gear stolen

Heres what we managed to type of so far:

Chicago, Illinois-based thrash metal band DAMNRIGHT had its tour van and U-Haul stolen today (Saturday, November 29) from a recent Battle of the Bands concert in Tinley Park, Illinois. The theft took place in the parking lot and it seems that the driver's side window was broken out to gain access.

The details are as follows:

* Silver/Grey - Stock Black/Dark Grey Pin-Stripe Ford E150 - Hightop Conversion Van
* 1991
* Plate: IL ***-***
* Had an attached U-Haul trailer - unknown Illinois tag

The following items are missing:

* (2) BC Rich Black NJ neck-through V's one with silver hardware and one with Black. Both in Hardshell BC RICH Cases
* (1) Dean V Black bolt on, also in Hardshell BC RICH Case
* (1) Six-string Ibanez bass Black in black ripped up gig bag

* (2) Marshall Full stacks
- 4x12 Rivera straight cabs
- 4x12 Crate slant cabs w
- Digitech 2112 Head
- Digitech 2120 Head
- Mackie 1400i Power Amp
- QSC 850 power amp
- Crown 602 Power Amp
-Beringher Rack Tuner
-Alesis dual 31 band eq rack
-both rigs are in rack cases one is all black leather style covering, and one is road ready covered in stickers
- Genz Benz Bass head, and ART EQ in SKB Rack

All in Black Roadrunner Soft Cases:
Pearl Masters MRX in Diamond Burst
Two (2) 24" Kicks
10" 12" 13" 16" 18" Toms
14" Snare Drum
PDP 6x10 Snare

All in Black Sabian Cymbal Bag:
22" Sabian AAX Metal Ride Natural
16" 17" 18" 19" Sabian AAX-Plosion Crash Brilliant
14" Sabian AAX Metal Hats Brilliant
14" Sabian AA Stage Hats Natural
12" Sabian AA Mini Hi Hats
8" 10" Sabian AAX China Splash
10" 12" Sabian AA Splash
18" 19" Sabian HH China

All in Black Hardware Bag:
-Tama PMD800SS Power Tower Drum Rack (x2)
-Tama PMD80SS Power Tower Extension Unit (x2)
-Tama Cobra Clutch
-Tama HH905 Iron Cobra Lever-Glide Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand
-Tama Roadpro Snare Drum Stand (x2)
-Tama HH75W RoadPro Series Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand

All in SKB 2 Space Rack Case:
Alesis D4 Drum Module w/ Power Supply
Two (2) Roland RT10K Kick Triggers
Various Cables

In Pearl Eliminator Pedal Bag:
Axis-XL-2 Longboard Double Pedal split into Singles w/ Grip Peddlers on Footboards

4 Leg DW Airlift Throne

Toshiba 15.4" Laptop in Bag w/ Two (2) USB Controllers
Fuji Finepix Digital Camera

1991 Ford E150 Grey with Grey and Black pinstripes 5.8

Green Notebook (Tour Journal!)

We didn't have any insurance (we couldn't afford it). And, they can't compinsate for us unless the gear is recovered and damaged. I'm kind of in a panic right now along with the rest of the band.

I don't know how to react to this, or even what to do. the police said they'd do their best to find all of our gear.

So, what do I do? How to I like, deal with this? I'm furious and on edge right now so...don't go off on me.

Death Metal will live forever
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