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Default Arrghhh....damaged ankles and no drumming.

This is not fair!

Thanks to an ongoing medical problem, I have weak ankles and a weak cruciate ligament in my left knee. Normally this isn't an issue as I'm careful not to exert it too much.

However I've been VERY busy and so I've been on my feet a lot. A couple of days ago I was walking back from band practice along Northumberland Street (Newcastle's main street) when I walked over a drain cover (one of those grid-type ones). My ankle completely gave way and I ended up in pain on the floor.

I went to the doctors and they said I'd damaged my ankle ligaments pretty badly as well as knocking my knee. I've been told I'd have to wait until April for any surgical work because it's 'non-urgent'. It's screwed my band schedule up too.

This is not fair at all.
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