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Default Re: What do you do when you are NOT drumming?

Having little life outside of drumming, I'd say that watching a DVD or reading are about all I do. The other activity is travelling to and from drumming. I do it for a living and am unmarried with no kids I know of. Plus these days I am trying to stay a professional musician so all my effort goes into that through building a teaching practice and playing live. I probably spend about 70 hours a week drumming. Maybe more. I also still take the odd lesson, had one just last week. Plus I practice drums and percussion. My brother complains because he never sees me because of my constant drumming. Now that there is a looming economic crisis I am taking even more students in case some drop off. So far I've been lucky and have only lost 1 students for that reason. Plus 1 has gone from hourly weekly classes to 30 minute fortnightly classes. Aside from that there is no real problem. I'm a bit tired though I must admit.
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