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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Drummer Karl View Post
Yes, indeed the addiction is taking over. =)
That`s okay, I know that my budget is limited especially since I ordered the kit.

However, I`d really love some different hats like some 13" or 14" SE ones or another Ride cymbal. I`ve checked out those Master Turks from time to time but it can`t - like Paistes - replace a mellow sounding Agop Flattie or an Agop Turk in my opinion.

Furthermore I`m not sure whether I should replace my 22" K Custom Dry Light Ride as it works so well in Big Band settings, Pop stuff or even in small combos. If I do, I`d need a similar ride to this...something like a Turk I guess.

What do you think?

Thanks for everything!

Alternate hats = heavier pair of Green label Sigs say around top-1025g bottom-1200g :}

Big Band ride supreme = beefier Epoch say around 3055g :}

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