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Default Re: Caddy's Ludwig kit w/Zildjian cymbals

Supraphonic....hiding in plain sight, great name! I wonder if there is a Radio King member yet...
Hey Caddy, my first real set of drums were 1976 Blue Oyster Pearl Ludwigs, purchased new in 76. The bearing edges were for lack of a better term...all caddywumpus and shit. It had major high and low spots, dead zones on the head, and you're right, as soon as the tom was put on the mount, 90% of the resonance went away. My question is are your bearing edges original? Or did you re-do them? Do your drums have re rings? Mine did, thick ones too. My bearing edges majorly sucked right from the factory, and I was soured on Ludwig for a long time afterwards. Looking back I wish I had that old kit back. Soooo what about your edges?
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