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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Drummer Karl View Post
As always it has a flat profile. A quite light SE!
I`d love to listen to it. I`m not used to ride cymbals smaller than 21" and I`m wondering how such a cymbal would work with my other pies.
I`m really flirting with those 20" SE Flatties though...moreover I really dig the SE hats as a contrast to my Turks...eventually. =)

What do you think?


The SE hats are terrific. However, the Mel Lewis and Traditional hats are awesome, too. Since you're playing a 21" Mel and a 22" Sig, perhaps a super-thin SE in 18", 19", or 20" would fit your setup, whether it's a flat or a regular ride. On the other hand, an 18" or 20" Paiste Traditionals thin crash could be a good fit. Then again, have you heard the Bosphorus Master Turks? Quite a contrast to the Agops.

Decision, decisions!
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