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Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
What problems do the zens have ? Older zens?
Well after a few years of my Ipod, I switched to a Zen Sleek, '06 I think. It worked good but when I bought it the guy at B.B. said it would work with I-Tunes...which it didnt and everything me and my wife had on I tunes had to be transfered to a different format. I m a computer idiot so we had to have a friend do it. No big deal, but after about 8-9 months, it started freezing up constantly. I d reset it but it would only play for about 20 minutes before freezing again. My wife lost her charger adaptor and trying to find a replacement took so long, she gave up and now it sits in a drawer...

I then got a Zen Vision 30gb player '08. It sounded great but the accessories were not available in the US. I wanted the adaptor for my TV and a car dock, for when I drove a truck...I never found the TV cable and the car dock took about 3 months to receive. And was WAY overpriced when compared to Ipod acces. All this time I had no computer so I couldnt charge it with a wall plug, my wife took my computer and that was the only way to charge it. Then all of the sudden the battery started crappin out. It would last for about 5-6 hours. If I went on a 20 hour drive, I was screwed!

Then, a few months ago, I dropped it from about 2 feet onto one of my Ahead sticks(lucky, huh?) and the lcd display cracked. I took out a 4 year warrantee on it and Best Buy said send it to Creative. So after about 2 months, they sent it back saying they would not fix it and there was nothing I could do. So I played it through my computer a few times and it connects only about 25% of the time. Nothing but problems and aggravation from Creative... Yeah they sound good, but Apple was just so much easier to deal with.. huh, my fingers are tired now. : P
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