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Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Originally Posted by Guz2 View Post
Oh, right. We don't celebrate it in England. Just a random question, do you celebrate Bonfire Night in America? I'm guessing not...

Well, have a good time while I sit here not celebrtng anything! :P
Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Bonfire night? Well not in the Northeast corner of the States anyway...But hell yeah, we love a great bonfire mate
Bonfire night is on the 5th of november and we basically have it to celebrate the faliure of Guy Fawkes to blow up the houses of parliment (it's that building in london with the big clock tower at one corner of it) with all the MPs inside. We burn an effigy of him on a bonfire. There are loads of fireworks too and the vast majority of fireworks in the uk are bought to launch on the 5th of november or the 2 or 3 nights leading up to it. I guess it sorta symbolises Britian's fight against terrorisim which has recently taken a new direction.

Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
What am I thankful for on this day?

I am thankful to be part of drummerworld. Just to have access where I am is reason enough to be thankful. Icing on the cake is gaining knowledge and getting to chat with pros.

I am thankful that Trick offered me artist pricing. that put a kit within my financial reach. And thankful people generously donated so that I could restore the base chapel tent's drum kit.

I am thankful that on this day, right now, I am no longer "outside the wire" or experiancing incoming fire from the enemy.

I am thankful for the motorcycle group "Patriot guard" who form an iron shield against that twisted and sick church cult who insists on desecrating the funerals of fallen warriors.

I am also thankful that I can raise a toast to Peter Ganci junior. Every American should know about this man, one of the greatest heroes on 9-11 and one of the over 3,000 reasons I am here.

People take R&R to decompress at Manas (Ganci) air base in Krygystan. The rec center is called "Pete's place" in honor of the fallen FDNY fire chief of the same name.

On 9/11/01 Peter led his squad into tower #1 and saved countless lives. The tower collapsed, and Pete dug himself out. He went into tower #2 knowing full well there might not be a way out. He saved countless lives there by evacuating them from the building. Tower #2 collapsed, killing him. He was found with a man in his arms that he was attempting to save.

For his unmitigated courage and ultimate sacrifice I raise a toast and say "Thanks Pete!"
It's nice to know that for every terroristic wanker out there there's people like this guy. We should never forget that. Also i know i wouldn't be here without people like you trkdrmr as i've said before so have an e-salute from me for you and all you armed forces guys out in afghanistan right now as well as everyone else who's given their time and their lives in the fight against terrorisim, it's something i know i couldn't do.
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