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Default Re: Which Zen?

So when I get my new mp3 player, what brand is best? This might be worthy of a poll. I looked at a Memorex 8gb for $100 the other day.Anybody know about this brand? They re a pretty well known name but not exactly *high-end* as so it seems.

Apple seemed a little more compatible, easier to find acces. for, and better customer service. The Creatives sounded better but they ve left a sour "crab-apple" taste in my mouth as far as tech. ease and cust.service...

I ve looked at the Zune, but they re pretty costly, so what makes them need a higher price when compared to the others?

I just want something that sounds good, is easy to work with, and wont cost me an arm n a leg then screw me over when a problem arises(like the Zens have)...and I m gonna have to stay away from that Sanamachbihishiha brand. (thx Trick)lol
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