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Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
I have to look that one up, never seen one. I am not a huge fan of mp3's, but what I have is 320K and some uncompressed.

The zen x-fi doesn't push up the 'loudness" contour to create thump and call it enhancement, that I like.

Portables will truly gain my favor when storage is enough to accomadate fully uncompressed audio.

Meanwhile, the x-fi is but one of many far superior alternative to the sound of an ipod.
More players are supporting FLAC instead of just MP3/WMA (and Vorbis to a lesser extent) which is a move in the right direction. Unfortunately it looks like the only players with the space for FLAC to be practical are players that don't support it (like the ipod classic).

By far my favorite format is Vorbis though, it is transparent at a lower bitrate than competing formats (
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