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Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
I have a zen x-fi and a couple ipods.

Let me state without reservation, the sound of the zen x-fi *destroys* ipods and the rest. It's not even close.

The x-fi crystal eq really enhances the treble, in most cases. Some instances it will over do it , but 90% of the time it's amazing.

The X-fi also enhances left/right channel separation in a way that no other mp3 player does.

I have listened on a variety of headphones ranging up to $1,100 a pair (ultimate ears) and the x-fi is a hands-down winner, the REAL end of story.

Personally I got a Trekstor Vibez because it is one of the most accurate at reproducing music (both straight and what you would hear if listening to it from near or far field speakers), I have never been a big fan of sound enhancements (although at least they are moving away from just pumping the bass up and calling it an enhancement).
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