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Default Re: Happy Thanksgiving

What am I thankful for on this day?

I am thankful to be part of drummerworld. Just to have access where I am is reason enough to be thankful. Icing on the cake is gaining knowledge and getting to chat with pros.

I am thankful that Trick offered me artist pricing. that put a kit within my financial reach. And thankful people generously donated so that I could restore the base chapel tent's drum kit.

I am thankful that on this day, right now, I am no longer "outside the wire" or experiancing incoming fire from the enemy.

I am thankful for the motorcycle group "Patriot guard" who form an iron shield against that twisted and sick church cult who insists on desecrating the funerals of fallen warriors.

I am also thankful that I can raise a toast to Peter Ganci junior. Every American should know about this man, one of the greatest heroes on 9-11 and one of the over 3,000 reasons I am here.

People take R&R to decompress at Manas (Ganci) air base in Krygystan. The rec center is called "Pete's place" in honor of the fallen FDNY fire chief of the same name.

On 9/11/01 Peter led his squad into tower #1 and saved countless lives. The tower collapsed, and Pete dug himself out. He went into tower #2 knowing full well there might not be a way out. He saved countless lives there by evacuating them from the building. Tower #2 collapsed, killing him. He was found with a man in his arms that he was attempting to save.

For his unmitigated courage and ultimate sacrifice I raise a toast and say "Thanks Pete!"

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