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Default Re: Why am I listening to this?...discoveries

Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
Thats like me. I used Trivium & Shadows Fall for an example.

I am a die hard thrash/speed metal fan. I love every type of metal but thrash is my #1.
I absolutely LOVE bands like Machine Head, Slayer, Anthrax, Municipal Waste, EVILE (they are amazing, give them a check) Sepultura, Lamb of God, Death Angel (give them a check too, good underground thrash band) and so on.

I've been into metal since like, ever. I'm 19 and I got into Metallica at like 5 years old. My first concert was Iron Maiden at either 7-9. Metal is like my blood. I need it to survive. Sure I listen to other stuff, but yeah.

Anyway, getting back to topic.

Check out any metal bands you want. Trust me, you can get alot better than Slipknot. Sure their great, but their over commercialized. Give Devildriver, Machine Head, Children of Bodom, Lamb og God and bands like them out. Bit heavier than most are used to, but so what? Whats wrong with "cookie monster" vocals? Once you get used to them you can understand them quite well. People diss you for being a metal head? So what, what do they know?

Also, if you want a sick drummer who is like 1000x better than Joey, look at the band Divine Heresy. Tim Yeung is amazing.
Yeah Tim is pretty intense. I love the video of him playing with nile taken from side stage. It's just, awesome. I like his playing because he's not over-playing like so many in his genre are. I think Kollias is pretty awesome, but on some songs he just plays too much.

And yeah, everyone check out all the above bands.

Would like more MFB please.
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