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Check out any metal bands you want. Trust me, you can get alot better than Slipknot. Sure their great, but their over commercialized. Give Devildriver, Machine Head, Children of Bodom, Lamb og God and bands like them out. Bit heavier than most are used to, but so what? Whats wrong with "cookie monster" vocals? Once you get used to them you can understand them quite well. People diss you for being a metal head? So what, what do they know?

Also, if you want a sick drummer who is like 1000x better than Joey, look at the band Divine Heresy. Tim Yeung is amazing.
The metal/thrash drummers I am most familiar with:
Scott Travis
Jason Bittner
Chris Adler
Dave Lombardo
Thomas Haake
Flo Mounier
Anders Johanssen (sic?)
Gene Hoglan
Charlie Benante
Brann Dailor
Raymond Herrera
EDIT: how could I forget Vinnie Paul oops. Just listening to pantera this morning.

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