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Default Re: What do you do when you are NOT drumming?

Originally Posted by drummmhead View Post
cooking! I love to cook.
I always wanted to be a Chef. Was learning in the family restaurants at age 8.

When I'm not playing drums my time looks like this:

Recording LP for last year and it is finally being mastered (argghhh). The hard part was the fact that I was done tracking the whole LP in 1 day. Talk about anticipation!

Water Polo matches for baby girl who took MVP as a Junior by the way.

I spend too much time online but that's because the other 4 people in my family hog the TV.

I like to read and enjoy listening to new music.

Spend time with family as much as humanly possible. My family is bunch of clowns and laughter is a huge part of our social time together.

Take care of mom now that she is in her last days.
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