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I watched LC the other day actually they were supporting bullet for my valentine and the other support bands were "bleeding through" and some 15 year old kid who's balls haven't dropped yet, i think he was called "black tide" or something. Apart from that they were all really good bands, i think bfmv must be my favourite band at the moment, dunno if you'd like them but you might do.

In terms of headphones though i think those bose things are a bit of a rip-off when for about $50 you can get a pair of vic firth drummer earphones which isolate you from the outside without any clever phase cancellation crap or whatever it is that it uses, just another unessisary power using thing to break as far as i'm concerned. As for the mahogany covered earphones sounds intresting but $550 is some serious cash to lay on a pair of headphones, as far as i'm concerned they would have to either have some serious isolation properties or just be a pair of hellishly good sounding headphones if i was even going to think of putting that sort of money on a pair.
I found the bose in the military exchange for $135, they are passive, they don't have the active noise cancellation. If I were to fork over $350+ for heaphones they's be senn's or Denon A-7000's with the mahogany ear cups.

For the money, the bose have decent, not stellar fidelity. I have heard much worse costing much more. But I am not a big Bose fan either way. I will have to try the Vic Firth when I get back to the world.

"balls haven't dropped yet" bahahahah..... boy metal band....
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