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Default Re: Why am I listening to this?...discoveries

Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
Ah. I love their new album.Lyrics don't really bother me, I've never gave a rats rear end about lyrics. I listen to the music.

But, whatever.

It's good to see someone NOT a Slipknot hater.
But, check out bands like Trivium and Shadows Fall, very very good bands.
Well I could have done without the lyrics, but the music has changed definitely. Slipknot seemed to think the last album would be their heaviest album to date. Two words: "Snuff" and "no".

I've listened to heavy metal for almost a decade now, I've heard Trivium and Shadows fall. Shadows fall are okay, but Trivium are just completely ripping everyone else off these days, to a point where I just can't stand it whether the songs are good or not. I'm more into Carcass, Morbid Angel, The Berzerker, Slayer. Loads of thrash and stuff, some stuff like old Slipknot, Lamb of God, Machine head. I like loads of stuff, lots of it not metal too.
Would like more MFB please.
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