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Originally Posted by oops View Post
Hey man.

Someone brought this up in another thread, what do you think of using devices like the Beatnik Rhythm Analyzer to tighten up the hands?

Obviously you'd support your own practice pad, but have you got any experience with this sort of thing?


I'm not really familiar with it, but, it looks complicated, and I don't really think it's necessary to have a computer "analyze" your time or "beats", as you have to develop the skill to be able to practice with a metronome and HEAR how you fit with the tempo...This is MUCH more valuable, and unfortunately, a forgotten skill these days.. To me, you have to hear yourself lock to a good metronome when practicing hands or grooves. HEAR IT, that's my advice.

Yes, my P4 Pad is very different, unique, and will give you a multi faceted hand workout..

Hope to see you at the AUDW Fest this year!
Pat Petrillo
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