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The things Bill did! Like his crazy woodblocks in the middle section of Starless when he'd fallen under Jamie Muir's improv spell (KC's fabulous ex-percussionist).

Like everyone I find his broken cymbal pangs during One More Red Nightmare special.

But it was on Discipline that he really took off, in my mind, after being asked by Bob Fripp to avoid using cymbals because it competed with the frequency of the guitar gamelan thing he was getting going with Adrian Belew. Bill B does a fair Billy Cobham impersonation in Frame By Frame and his subtle variations in Thela Hun Ginjeet and the title track are also really satisfying when you're in a "lock in on the drumming" mood.

I always found him interesting and entertaining; he was always coming up with cool sounds and ideas, including his famous snappy snare sound.

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