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Default Re: Why am I listening to this?...discoveries

Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
Very true, though I feel that "Volume 3" was a little out of place and sounded a little forced. "All Hope Is Gone" is right on point and a polished product from beginning to end and I feel it is thier best album to date when it comes to quality of musicianship.
Bleh. I see what people mean about the musicality, I recognise that these are good catchy, well written songs. But for me this is not the sound/attitude I enjoyed from Slipknot in the first place. The newer songs seem to be angry in a different way; kind of emo, and pretty soppy. Whereas the old stuff was very much a cry out at everything that could get someone down given the lifestyle some of the guys had lead.

Each to his own though, Stonesour FTW.

Would like more MFB please.
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