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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Originally Posted by Todd Sucherman View Post

I just had a party at the house during PASIC and was honored to have Skip Hadden as one of my guests--and we got to play together in the drum room. It had been over 20 years! As well, I saw Ian Froman for the first time in 20 years at the MD Fest---about 5 minutes before I began my segment. A cosmic trip indeed--and it was great to catch up with him later in the day. Both were very different players and teachers, and I learned much from them. Sounds like you had positive experiences too.
Thanks again!
Hey Todd,

How cool that you reconnected with Skip and Ian after 20 years! I imagine it must be thrilling for them to see your success and to know some about the journey your playing has taken you on so far.

My best friend and I were huge into Weather Report before we went to Berklee together (years later, my friend actually ended up becoming friends with Joe Zawinul and his family) so I sought out Skip. His "laid back" way of being was a good fit for me and I have fond memories of playing his kit with the two flat rides angled up on boom stands.

Re: Ian, I hadn't heard of him before Berklee but I really dug his playing and his intensity. He turned me on to Elvin (of course ) and Jack in a big way which, along with his playing, opened up new worlds for me in so many ways.

Hey man, take care and thanks for making yourself available to us here on the forum!

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