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Default Re: Show us your '2 rack toms to the left of the bass' kits!

Originally Posted by TenPastTen View Post
I tinkered with many setup tweaks until I found this to be the most ergonomic. I'll be sticking with this for quite a while.
Those Twenties looks beautiful. I picked up an 18" Crash the other day and I"m very impressed with it. It has a great full, lush tone and integrates wonderfully with my 16" + 18" Full Crashes and 19" DE Crash. I'd really like to see the Twenty line extended next year.


I think the reason this tom tom configuration is so popular is because it's so ergonomic. I've always found the traditional mid tom position a bit awkward balance-wise. I was playing a 4 piece configuration for a long time because it seemed more comfortable to me going from 1st rack to floor than to the 2nd rack. So when I wanted to go back to having 2 racks I decided to have them both to the left, right in front of my snare. This position offers a more "rounded" movement between each tom for me, and while it took a while to get the configuration perfect now I that I have I feel it greatly enhances my playing.
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