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Originally Posted by lewisn27 View Post
If i was a member of ACDC (or any other successfull band for that matter) I wouldn't care about sales or my album, it's about the music, not the money.
That may be true but the theme of the thread was why only one store, not their music philosophy. They said in their interview that they wanted their music to be sold in its entirety, and not singles and that's why they chose not to sell to iTunes and that is fine, but since they are selling them why not everywhere. You don't make albums just for the music.
You can do that in the studio or on stage. Bands tour to give folks a chance to listen and then buy their music. Most venues have the album or CD present to sell on the spot. I guess WalMart has small booths outside the venues.

p.s. I just checked iTunes and there are 160 AC/DC songs listed by various artists so at least in time they are selling the rights to their music.
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