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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Cool, glad we could clear it up. Now, I've HEARD the man drum. I guess when I pick apart that last sentence, I can definitely say his accuracy and innovation are part of what I DO consider amazing. That's not to take anything away from his speed or chops, those just aren't the aspects of his playing that stand out to me, and they're not at the front of my mind when I hear him play. I don't care that he can play an amazing single ratamacue. Anyone can master rudiments. I care that he can use it musically, because being a good musician is more important to me than just playing an instrument well. I love speed and chops, and crazy intricate time signatures and all the crazy stuff. They're fun as hell, and I love hearing drummers use them because they sound cool, and it's a whole other world of drumming in itself. But musically speaking, it's mostly fluff, and most music doesn't require it. I happen to think that the drummers I consider my favorites incorporate their chops and speed and whatever crazy complexities into what they play with every bit as much soul and feel as Steve does into his playing.
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