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Default Re: Fight Songs

black label-lamb of god
hammer smashed face-cannibal corpse
meat hook sodomy-cannibal corpse
wage slaves-all shall perish
there is no buisness to be done on a dead planet-all shall perish
bleeding salvation-belphegor
rise to ruin-gorefest
lashed to the slave stick-nile
bringer of blood-six feet under
my hatred-six feet under
hacked to peices-six feet under
unanswered-suicide silence
bloodwitness-thy will be done
redused to slavery-dying fetus
destroy the oppostion-dying fetus
blood on the swans-kataklysm
fermented offal discharge-necrophagist
only ashes remain- necrophagist
spoils of the sycophant-skinless
russian roulette- suffokate

and a lot more i cant think of
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