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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

What I have in stick bag number one is
6 pair Vic firth 3a
1 pair vic firth American Custum t1 genral Timpani malets
1 pair Mike Balter 10R
1 pair Vic Firth SD1 Genarals
1 pair Vic Firth Corpmaster Ralph Hardiman Nylon tips
1 pair Vic Firth Corpmaster MS3
2 pair Vic Firth Corpmaster Tom Aungst
1 Vic Fith Brush
1 Vic Firth Dave Weckl
1 " I Love Music" lanyard wit pearl drum key and house key on it
1 Multi tool

In the Other bag
6 pair Vic Firth 3a
2 pair Vic Firth 5b
1 pair Vic Firth 2b
1 pair Vic Firth corpmaster Tom Float
1 pair Vic Firth corpmaster Sean Vegas
1 pair Vic Firth corpmaster Scott Johnson
1 pair Vic Firth corpmaster 5th bass mallets
1 pair MIe Balter Basic BB2
1 pair Zildjian retractable jazz brushes
1 Zildjian Talyor Hawkins
2 pair Vater sugar maple 5a
1 pair Cuban clava (made in mexico)
1 korg metronome
1 Gilbater drum key
1 scewdrive/allen key set
1 pen and pencil
some random washers and felts
and to top it off a Honhor hamoica
Just to let you guys know i cannot close the bag
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