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Default Re: Having a little problem....uh oh

Originally Posted by Paul Quin View Post

seek professional help and under no circumstances self medicate. There is a variety of advice on this thread - ignore it all unless it is written by a professional or unless it tells you to go seek professional help. These are problems which plague many of us and, once acknowledged, need to be acted upon. You have taken therfirst step by stating your problem on these pages - now, go see someone who can help.

May you find peace my drumming brother!

I agree with this...and please! lay off the might chill you out for now, but it ll only compound the underlying issues you have going on. I thought that it was a help, and after 17/18+ yrs of escaping the problems by drowning them out I realize now that I probably(definitely) made the wrong decision. Now I m 30 and finally walking outta the "fog"... And its not too cool....Take this with a grain of salt, whatever that means---or just do what you gotta do. Good luck either way though
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