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Default Re: Mike Portney/Dream Theater

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That's funny, I've met Mike twice, and both times he was very pleasant.
Lucky dude. Mike is usually touring and I am usually deployed just long enough to miss any shows near me. I swear I nealy booked a flight to Puerto Rico to see a clinic and Germany to see DT.

Mike's autographed picture hangs in my drumroom. I greatly enjoy all of his work and side projects-which I have on my creative zen. The only thing that bums me out is that I hosed the encoding for score and live at budokan. I had to delete those files because the sound was so out of synch. (over compression)

I have all of Mikes cd's and dvd's as well. Right now, I am watching "Amazing Journey" with his take on Keith Moon.

I am envious of his amazing drum kit collection, tama seems to have made him a copy of every iconic kit known since Ringos.

BTW: I hope his new kit is bubinga...!
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