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Default Re: best way to drop a band memeber?

There is no good way to fire someone. I have been through this many times in my many years of playing. The best way is the personal direct way. I will say that many people that have been let go form bands that I have played with have done well with other bands. Let the member whom you are dropping know this. I also have played with the same people who we dropped from bands that I played with in different bands years later and it worked out well. Don't burn your bridges with the unfortunate band member. Sometimes things just don't work out. That's just the way it is! Musicians find themselves in strange ways. Rejection can be a good thing sometimes. The musician who has been rejected will work harder and find his or her way. It seems heartless and cruel but it is often the best thing that can happen for all concerned if it is handled correctly. Emphasis on Handled Correctly! Treat the member that you are letting go with compassion. Tell him or her the truthful reasons why the band has made the decision in a friendly sensitive way. Keep in mind that all of us get rejected many times in our lives. Keep in mind how you would feel if it was you that was being rejected. I hope that my insight helps.
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