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Default Re: Having a little problem....uh oh

I d suggest to sit down, when you re feeling chilled out, reflect on things that have happened, what caused them to happen, and what you did when you realized that it was seeming a little "out of the ordinary". Make a list or a mental note of it..

Follow me? OK... I gather that you didnt realize what you were doing till it was already happening..And I take it you dont want to hurt anyone and the fact that you mentioned this to a bunch of drummers that you dont know says that you re asking for more than advice. ..

If you cant talk to your parents then find someone that can hook you up with a person that can kinda explain to you what might be goin on. Hell, lie to your parents and maybe say that you dont feel good and when you get to the Dr. tell him whats goin on. He might be able to help you figure some shit out, know what I mean?

If you need help, dont hesitate to get it. We re just a bunch of people that play drums and happen to have found a great site to talk with other people that play drums. Trust me, I ve been through some shit and this isnt the place to get help, I love it here, but you need something better than this. Good luck man, talk to someone close. Maybe your brother first?

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