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Default Having a little problem....uh oh

Ok this doesnt have to do with drums. i have had this problem all my life but now its getting harder and harder to control. i have a very very bad anger problem. i havnt let it out in about 3 years and i wasnt close to being my angriest when it happend. my friend got me mad so i really dont remember doing it but i picked him up off the ground by the neck(he is bigger than me) and threw him down. when i get angry i really dont feel pain and half the time i dont realize what im doing. its just getting really hard to stop my anger from coming out. im getting mad a lot easier to. not many people know about this problem not even my parents or brother. im just wondering what to do. i also have depression. its not very bad now but i used to have suicidle thoughts(thank god i dont anymore). but ill sometimes just sit in my room for a long time. few people know i have this too, my parents dont. i just need advise as you can tell
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