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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks, I will!


Thanks, man. I appreciate the kind words!

The snare I used on "Blue Collar Man 2120" version was a Pearl Ultra Cast with the snares off. We just went for some ambiance and anything that was done to the sound was from our engineer, Gary Loizzo. There was nothing special as I remember. It was just the sound of the room and the overall vibe. That was recorded at the old Chess Records (now a museum) where lots of Chuck Berry, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Willy Dixon stuff was done.

Styx's keyboardist for the last 9 years is Lawrence Gowan, indeed from Toronto. He had many gold and platinum records in Canada (as "Gowan") in the 80s and had players like Jerry Marotta and Tony Levin play on much of his stuff. He was selling out arenas on his own in Canada back then. (I'm guessing you're a really young dude if you don't remember!)


Off to run some errands. Check in with you guys later-

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