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Yes, Ian, Ginger and Cream and Blind Faith were a huge influence on me in the '60s. I grew up listening to my father's jazz albums. I felt at the time that Ginger was bridging a jazz/rock divide...Father to Fusion, maybe?

I was disappointed in Ginger Baker's AirForce.

But I thought he was great with Ginger Baker Trio with Bill Frisell and Charlie Haden. By far my favorite Ginger playing. He and Bill Frisell played very well together. There is some very interesting stuff on Falling Off The Roof..."Skeleton" comes to mind. The "Straight No Chaser" cover on Going Back Home is quite an enjoyable listen, recognizable but uniquely done.

Ginger is one of those drummers that I find to be immediately identifiable once heard. He has a unique style and sound.

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