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Default Re: Why am I listening to this?...discoveries

Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
I have noticed slipknot's gradual improvement. I prefer thier newer efforts (post 1999) much more than anything preceding. It's like they got musically smarter and slicker.
Very true, though I feel that "Volume 3" was a little out of place and sounded a little forced. "All Hope Is Gone" is right on point and a polished product from beginning to end and I feel it is thier best album to date when it comes to quality of musicianship.

Originally Posted by TenPastTen View Post
I felt that way about Tool. I was on board since Undertow. I just liked the heavy groove on Prison Sex, Sober, etc. Just liked listening to it. Then, Aenima, then Lateralus, then 10,000 days. I even saw them live in 2002 and the most notable thing was the fact that Maynard never faced the crowd.

Then I saw them in May 07 and was blown away. I listened to all of Tool's stuff but never heard any of it. Since that show, I revisited every track on every album and have a new appreciation for the intricacies of the arrangements and the incredibly interesting lyrics - which range from silly (Hooker With a Penis), poignant (Right In Two), and even blasphemous (Eulogy). But they move me. All of it. I now hold Tool in the highest regards. They went from a band that I liked listening to and are now a band that I borderline venerate. It just took some time.

It's funny you mention slipknot, because I like Duality and Before I Forget but am about to get my first slipknot albums on iTunes. So, at 32, I am kinda in the same boat.
AMEN! Tool is a band that he should definately give a serious listen to.
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