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Originally Posted by Ayeaye View Post

I have always been curious about the specs of your snare and cymbals. Would you care to shed some light on this? Your drumming is just so freakin heavy.

Many thanks. =)
Thanks for the kind words.

The snare I am currently using is custom built by me. 7x14 solid segmented construction, made of bloodwood (also known as satine). I used this on Given To the Rising and all live shows since.

Before that was a 6.5x14 GMS maple that I used since Times of Grace.

My main kit is custom built w/ maple shells. I aIso gig and rehearse on a new PDP Platinum series.

I use DW hardware exclusively.

Cymbals are all Paiste 2002 rides.

24" Ride - above kick on right
Older 24" ride cut to 23" - above hats on left
20" Ride - far right above floor tom
Hihats: two old 22" Power Rides cut to 17"

Thanks again!
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