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Default Re: Caddy's Ludwig kit w/Zildjian cymbals

Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post
That kit looks cherry... like it could be a few months old, not 38 years old!

It has such minor/piffling wear for it's age.
Looks can be deceiving! It's definitely a "player's" kit and snare. I call this my "looks pretty until you get close" kit. Well actually, I haven't ever called it that before right now, but it's fitting.

Originally Posted by crdirtRider856 View Post
That couch looks comfortable... oh and the sets nice too. I especially like that hardware case., Carry on? I m also a big fan of mounting as many pieces onto one tripod as is feasible. I have....nevermind, another thread, another time.

Thats in great shape for a 70's too. We ve touched on this before, but does the "rims" mount make a *huge* or *minor* difference in the resonance of that tom?
The couch is VERY comfy. I've never come across a more comfortable couch! Many of my friends say the same about it. My wife doesn't like the look of it, so it stays in the basement...

Yes, the RIMS-imitation mount makes a HUGE difference in this particular case. Having the tom mount on the shell significantly cut down on the resonance, so I took it off. Now, there's a spot on the tom (above the snare, in the picture) where there's a couple of holes and a nice section of finish (from being under the mount all these years). I keep that part facing me.

Originally Posted by Drumsword View Post
Awesome yet again, very very nice, the Silver and Gold theme reminds of yukon cornelius on Rudolph the red nose riendeer, lol.

Classy looking and the Rims mount on the tom is a sweet touch.
The silver and gold doesn't really thrill me together, but the people I gig with don't seem to mind. They just see a bunch of sparkles, and it's all good! Once they hear the kit, though, that's when the bricks start dropping...

Thanks for the compliments, guys.
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