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Default Re: R.I.P.: Mitch Mitchell

Yes, an EXTREME bummer to see this thread here today. Rest in Peace, indeed, Mitch. You've inspired and influenced so many of us, and your music is still as awesome as it ever was.

Like so many of you have written before me, Mitch Mitchell was one of my biggest influences as a young drummer. "Fire" was one of the first songs I ever tried to play the very first time I got my own set. He has always been one of my all-time favorites. It's so fricking sad to see all my musical heros checking out so often these days. Guess some of us are getting old...

I used to have the two Ramatam records. Can't remember what they were like, but I remember I was disappointed at the time. I ended up selling them long ago, but I've been thinking about them recently and wanting to hear them again.

When it comes to the Buddy Miles/Mitch Mitchell question, I love the Band of Gypsys stuff, but I think I will always prefer Mitch with Hendrix. Just the way those two would be flying all over, weaving in and out with each other, complementing each other, while Noel Redding held everything grounded. That was really magic, to me. Whereas BOG is more funky, more driving in a great way, but just not that same magic.

So rest in peace all of you, Mitch, Buddy, Jimi. And thanks for the music.
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