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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

'There is a small drum shop in Sand Point, but he charges out the wazoo for "vintage" stuff.'

Chris's shop in Sandpoint is in his house and is fairly well stocked. He's also a fine technician and respected instructor. His prices seem fair, but I'm not in the market much except for heads, sticks, etc., and prices for those commodities are better on the internet or at the wholesale shops (2 in Coeur d Alene).

Dicks Hamburgers... Yes! The 'diner' of my very first eating experience here in the Inland Empire (back in 1972). Dicks sold stock and went public in the late 1980's so they might expand their incredably successful biz. The stock flailed like a drowning rat and the only shop they opened with the money raised in the stock offering was in Arizona (I think) failed. The stock became worthless and was sold to an upstart, Labor Ready. Made many millions out of nothing at all. Burgers to Bracero's.
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