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Default Re: gretsch renowns!!!

Congrats on the great kit! I think it's pretty cool that you and the seller are both at DW so he can see that his babies have gone to a good home. Maybe you can send pictures to him once a month, you know, Sally Struthers style!

I really dig the color; I am also a big fan of the 10,12,14 setup. And I eventually added a 16" tom to add the deep tone. I found I can tune my stuff pretty low (with a nice pitch bend) and being that the Renowns are such high quality, I'm sure the tuning range can take them as low as you may want.

Now that your quality control inspection has been concluded, you must pack those things up so they can be put under the Christmas tree - just be sure not to drip any tears on the finish in the process.

BTW, what's the fate of your USA Customs?

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